Frequently Asked Questions

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You can speak to one of our debt consultants within one business hour of sending us a callback request or you can phone us anytime within business hours. The consultant will guide you through the process, explain how the free debt assessment process works and be able to confirm whether you would qualify for debt mediation.
Yes, we can do debt mediation for blacklisted consumers, consolidate the debts of over-indebted consumers and facilitate debt mediation for bad credit consumers. Simply complete our callback form or phone us directly to start our debt mediation process. ?
No. You will not qualify for debt mediation if you do not earn any income. Not with us and not with anyone else. You need to earn a regular monthly income to be able to qualify for debt mediation.
We can process a single application if you are married in community of property as both of you do not need to enter the debt mediation process.
Pay direct to our PDA which will go straight to your creditors.
Yes, our debt mediation process adheres to all the requirements of the National Credit Act (NCA) and we have been registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).
Debt mediation
-  Credit cards
-  Bank loans
-  Accounts
-  Blacklisted
-  Car loans but not possession of the car anymore.
-  House bonds but house was repossessed.
-  We reduce that monthly installment for to up to 50%-60%.or what you can effort to pay.
-  We negotiate with all your creditors.
-  You can also choose which accounts you want to use and what you want to reduce.
-  You won't be flagged, blocked or blacklisted.
-  our name will be cleared because you made alternative arrangements to your creditors by paying them.
-  You can remove yourself at anytime from debt mediation and pay on your own again once you are settled.
-  This is a peace of mind .
-  We at 365Budgetsa will imediately respond to your call.